Product matching is hard, and we've mastered it.

Perfect product matching

Product matching is at the heart of competitive pricing intelligence, but product matching is broken.

Relying on universal product identifiers such as UPCs, GTINs, MPNs and barcodes to automatically match products is cheap and fast.

It’s also fundamentally flawed and here’s why.

If your product assortment contains own-brand label products, premium brand exclusives or unique pack sizes, the standard approach doesn’t even get out of the gate.

If universal product identifiers are inaccurate or missing or if your competitors don’t list their GTINs and UPCs, this approach falls at the first hurdle for serious, enterprise-scale retailers.

There is no point rushing to the wrong answer, but how is Skuuudle’s approach better?

However, there is no point rushing to the wrong answer and product matching must be exhaustive. Where others fall short, Skuuudle relentlessly searches for the right match.

And once every possibility has been exhausted, every match is approved manually by an analyst with expertise in the relevant category.

How does Skuuudle’s exhaustive product matching work?

  1. Together with our product matching experts, we’ll define your product matching philosophy, putting you in control to govern exactly what decides the perfect match.
  2. Sample matches are produced and shared with you for approval, ensuring that the fundamentals are right before the real work begins.
  3. Our matching engine generates suggested matches for your eligible products. Where automation fails, our analysts make matches by hand on your competitors’ websites. Whatever it takes to find the match, we will do at our expense.
  4. Accuracy is assured by pairs of analysts, manually approving every match, with conflicts adjudicated by senior experts to ensure your product matching philosophy is met.

So, what’s the catch?

Skuuudle’s approach to product matching requires a substantial investment of time and money up front. That investment pays off forever in better pricing decisions and intelligence you can trust.

You can either continue with poor quality and regret, knowing you’re missing out on product matches.

Or like our clients, make the conscious decision to accept whilst Skuuudle’s doesn’t come cheap, it delivers superb quality and full coverage of your competitor landscape.

Don’t regret poor quality. If your business needs superior product matching accuracy and better competitive pricing intelligence, book a demo today.

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