Any field, any website, any country, any time.


If it's online, Skuuudle can scrape it.

Skuuudle provides hundreds of billions of eCommerce data points every year from websites our clients nominate, no matter how complex the site, no matter how sophisticated the anti-scraping and CAPTCHA technology.

Our data outputs and transfer methods are completely flexible to our clients’ requirements, making integration with existing data pipelines easy.

Skuuudle combines technology 15 years in the making with the expertise of our human quality team to deliver data at unprecedented scale and accuracy.

Brand name

We can find and store competing brands for the same or similar products.


Track and compare a product's colour, size, functions, and features.

Product name

We collect the exact product name and match it with your product.

Price & promotion

We have the most accurate pricing data in the industry and can track discounts.

Product description

Your competitor's marketing tricks revealed. Supercharge your product description and gain an advantage.


Skuuudle can track product availability and store historic availability data.

Don't regret choosing a cheap, low-quality scraping solution.

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