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You don’t deserve to see the brand reputation you care about, compromised by rogue traders.

Retailers selling your SKUs below the advertised price or counterfeiters passing low-quality products off as yours, compromises your brand value.

That’s why it’s essential for Skuuudle to protect where your brands are marketed and the price they’re sold for.

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Here’s how Skuuudle protects your brand:

Live Intelligence
Live intelligence on price violations.

The pricing integrity of your branded products needs protecting in the marketplace. Give Skuuudle your MAP or RRP with minimum and maximum price tolerances, and we’ll do the rest.

Global Identification
Global identification of 3rd party sellers.

Skuuudle’s intelligence tells you who is selling your products and where, across direct sites and 3rd party marketplaces. Providing this evidence you need enables you to respond rapidly to violations, before they damage your brand reputation.

Data you can trust
Data you can trust, guaranteed by organic intelligence.

Your brand’s reputation and pricing power are too important to leave to the machine. Skuuudle’s human quality control team will make sure the intelligence you receive can be acted on with full confidence.

Don't let rogue traders destroy your brand reputation.

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