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For mission critical data,
choose Skuuudle.

Skuuudle's price scraping is worth the price.

There is cheap price scraping and there is accurate price scraping.

Pricing experts know that world-class price scraping is a substantial investment.

Skuuudle is designed to deliver a mission critical scraping service that's worth the price.

Match accuracy
Match accuracy

Track your competitors.

Any region, any language, any website, any field. Every time.

Match accuracy

Match your products.

Skuuudle will make every match it's possible to make, and every match will be of the utmost quality.

Match accuracy

Trust your intel.

Skuuudle's human quality control team guarantees trustworthy data for better decision making.

Match accuracy

Analyse your market.

Make better pricing decisions with intuitive reporting for your pricing, merchandising and trading teams.

Good enough is not good enough.

Pricing intelligence is a strategic priority. You deserve better data.

Artificial intelligence for scale.

  • Product Matching - Algorithmic product matching engine.
  • Scraping - Self-healing spiders that never fail.
  • Anomaly Detection - Early warning error detection.

 Organic intelligence for accuracy.

  • Matching Approval - Human experts assure quality.
  • Quality Control - Human sign-off on all datasets.
  • Personal Relationships - Human support, not a chat bot.

Unlock your competitors' pricing secrets.

Skuuudle gives you the insight you need to compete.

Skuuudle matches & tracks
Product names & descriptions Brands & categories Price & promotions Availability Reviews & ratings Product variations and more.

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