Competitor Price

Track, match and monitor your competitors’ prices.


Go deeper than before.

We work with small business owners and large enterprises, delivering targeted product pricing and solutions through advanced data-driven research, fully bespoke to your product area and business goals.

Consumer demand is higher than ever, and eCommerce companies especially have to ensure their products and pricing meet those demands and exceed expectations.

Skuuudle doesn't just offer detailed insights into your competitors. We provide a bespoke blueprint that you can use to build a better future for your brand.

With a 100% customisable approach to product and competitor analysis, we don't skim the surface. Instead, we dive deep into your industry and provide solutions that turn small businesses into recognised brands.

It's time to win on price. Finally.

Competitor data helps you make winning pricing decisions.

Data Collection

Our price monitoring software collects competitor data from any source and location at your desired frequency, reacting immediately to obstacles like websites changing.

Product Matching

Skuuudle can automatically link identical or similar competitor products at scale to provide visibility across your whole assortment and market.

Quality Control

Thanks to our AI-supported human quality team, you can trust every data point delivered by Skuuudle. No fake competitor prices or inaccurate matches.

Easy-to-use Analytics

Actionable insights on-demand via our dashboard. Identify overpriced products, opportunities for price increases and long-term trends.


Skuuudle does not require any installation or infrastructure on-premises. You can access our portal via computer, tablet and mobile.

First Class Support

Competitor price intelligence is a sensitive, strategic topic. Skuuudle is a trusted partner to our clients, providing expert advice and personalised support.

Skuuudle helps large enterprises & small business alike to track competitor pricing.

Stay ahead of your competition

The latest eCommerce insights, analysis and techniques.

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Is there anything else we can help you with?

If you have any questions about our software, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team. We work hard to ensure we can give you all the information you need about our competitor price analysis and monitoring software, and we look forward to hearing from you.

We're available through live chat or fill out the website contact form, and we'll get back to you ASAP.


Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about our competitive pricing intelligence service.

A person can typically collect around 100 prices per hour by hand. Skuuudle can gather data on many millions of products per day without ever making a mistake or taking a sick day.

Skuuudle can provide reliable, high-quality price and product data from any website, including direct competitors and marketplaces.

The most popular options are daily and weekly, but Skuuudle can gather data as frequently as you need up to hourly.

Unlike our competitors, Skuuudle handles your product matching for you. We use data-driven insights to create a personalised experience for your business - without you having to lift a finger.

Would you like to see it in action?

Book a Demo and see our competitor price tracking software in action.

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If you'd like to see our dynamic software in action, please feel free to book a demo with our friendly team. Your concierge will take you through how the software works, explain how we can use it to deliver the insights you need to take control of your pricing, and discuss our bespoke reporting and analysis solutions.

We'll also tailor the demo to your business by showing you how the platform can

work to identify your competitors and expose any sales opportunities you might not be aware of.

There's absolutely no obligation to make a purchase, but we would love the opportunity to show you how we can support you to conquer the eCommerce world and succeed in your chosen market.

Refine your pricing strategy with data-driven insights.

Every successful business knows there's a delicate balance between dynamic pricing for consumers and achieving healthy profit margins. Our software takes the guesswork out of the equation and gives you valuable insights so that you can update your pricing strategies.

Competitor price monitoring for pricing managers

Keep track of your competitors through our platform, where you'll receive essential information on who your competitors are, what they're doing and how you can enhance your pricing decisions with intelligent data.

Whether it's keeping track of online retailers, large product websites such as eBay and Amazon, or individual sellers, you can stay ahead of the game and build a business that has a real future.

With Skuuudle, you get all the information you need

Diversify your marketplace with products from new brands, so you can keep ahead of other businesses operating within your niche. Our software cuts through the noise and delivers the information you need to succeed.

Keep track of similar products, including attributes such as size, colours and features, so you know what you're up against and can deliver a marketing strategy to keep your audiences focus on your products.

Develop a target market strategy that works

Price tracking is only one piece of the puzzle, and an essential aspect of the consumer decision-making process is how a company sells its products. Get up close and personal with your competition, and find out how their product descriptions relate to sales volume.

You'll be able to review bestseller products and learn how to connect with potential customers to turn your eCommerce business into a popular brand.

Keep up-to-date with our advanced price monitoring tool

What makes a customer click that add to cart button? Is it always the lowest price? Or are there other factors at play? This information is central for eCommerce professionals, and our advanced competitor price monitoring software clarifies what drives a person to make a purchase.

With real-time updates, you'll receive notifications on price updates and can use this competitive intelligence to reach your desired profit margin. Whether it's diversifying your product assortment to meet online shoppers' needs or finding that sweet spot between budget and premium pricing, our software can boost your sales.

Dynamic reports, sourced by AI, created for humans

Data analysis should cover all bases and provide price information, stock availability, price comparison and additional product information that ensures you can keep ahead of the competition.We can provide reports tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Our software is always ready to pick up and deliver reports on product changes daily, weekly or monthly - whatever suits you. With easy to read data, you can make decisions without wading through technical jargon. Each report is checked for accuracy and the human factor before it goes to your inbox.

Why choose our competitor price monitoring software?

Data-driven research is essential for all companies to increase their profits and compete in a consumer-driven environment. But data isn't made equal.

If you're sick of trying to make sense of pages of detailed reports and feel your currentcompetitor price monitoring strategy causes more ambiguity than clarity, we're confident that our solutions will help you to redefine your pricing strategies and increase your profits.

Our Services Are Fully Bespoke

Every report you receive will be based on the needs of your business. We don't do one size fits all solutions here because we know they don't work.

Whether it's receiving real-time updates about trending products in your industry or mapping specific resellers across global marketplaces, you can rest assured that your experience will be 100% tailored to your needs.

We always deliver on our promises

We built Skuuudle from the ground up and know that our commitment to our customers is what sets us apart. We're not just another software provider; we're a group of humans that found a way to help brands grow with access to powerful data.

If we tell you that we can help you increase your revenue through our competitor price monitoring software, we'll deliver on our promise.

Build a pricing strategy that boosts your revenue

We understand that creating a pricing strategy is no easy task, which is why our dedicated team will work with you to come up with a plan that works.Defining the correct prices is just one aspect of target competitor analysis, but we'll help you with everything, including:

  • Web Scraping
  • Price Monitoring
  • Competitor Price Updates
  • Consumer Insights
  • Tracking Manufacturers