Product matching is hard,

and we've mastered it.

Perfect product matching

When gathering competitor data, product matching is the most important element for the integrity of the results. It is also the most complex and most problematic part of the process.


We know how imperfect the world's SKUs, GTINs and UPCs are. We've taken that challenge head-on and built a product matching system to give pricing managers the data they need.

It's all going so well

You’ve got your barcodes ready and a list of competitors to match against.

Your competitive intelligence provider is ready to search the web for you.

But wait a minute, even Amazon’s barcodes are only 80% accurate!

Your own barcodes aren’t looking so hot either, come to think of it.

Come to the experts.

Product matching philosophy.

  • We have product matching technology 15 years in the making
  • Exact and Like-for-Like product matching
  • An army of experienced product matching analysts
  • No manual input from you required

Our product matching system is a game-changer.

Matching Philosophy

You decide what counts as a match.

We'll work together to set the parameters of your perfect match.

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