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Skuuudle reveals your competitors' pricing secrets with no manual input required.

Gone are the days of manually copy and pasting competitor prices into a spreadsheet. Skuuudle provides high quality data and analytics you can act on.

  • Data Collection

    Skuuudle can gather data from any online source to give you full market visibility.

  • Product Matching

    Skuuudle finds competitor products to compare to with no manual input from you.

  • Quality Control

    All of our data has to pass stringent automatic and human quality control tests before it reaches our clients.

  • Analytics

    Skuuudle delivers powerful and intuitive analytics to turn our data into winning actions.

Skuuudle makes it easy to compete online

With Skuuudle's price and product intelligence, you can ensure you're never over- or under-priced. Watch our 1 minute explainer video below to find out more.

Skuuudle is trusted by large and small companies around the world.

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about our competitive pricing intelligence service.

A person can typically collect around 100 prices per hour by hand. Skuuudle can gather data on many millions of products per day without ever making a mistake or taking a sick day.

Skuuudle can provide reliable, high-quality price and product data from any website, including direct competitors and marketplaces.

The most popular options are daily and weekly, but Skuuudle can gather data as frequently as you need up to hourly.

Unlike our competitors, Skuuudle handles your product matching for you.